Virginia Beach’s 2015 Boardwalk Art Show Celebrates 60th Anniversay

Boardwalk Art Show Poster 2015

Fun in the sun! Bring home this colorful mememto of the summer’s biggest BEACH Art Festival. Let us custom frame it so you’ll be able to enjoy beach fun all year round! Posted by Boardwalk Art Show & Festival on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Plywood Love


Design Workshop: Plywood as Finish

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Spring Greens

"Spring" Greens add a pop of color

Color of the Week: Spring Green

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Art Chair: Form Meets Function

Chair, ArtPeopleGallery

Post by Art People Gallery.

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Which Fence Fits Your Style? A Few Tips:

What Fence fits your Style?

7 Questions to Help You Pick the Right Front-Yard Fence

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Art Opening at The Artists Gallery

custom-made for you

FrameWorx is thrilled to be an award sponsor for the exciting exhibit “Earth, Wind, Water & Fire at The Artists Gallery! Opening reception is on Friday, September 12 from 6:30-8:30 with the Awards Ceremony at 7:30. Which artists out of this talented, diverse co-op will win? Check it out to select your […]

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How creative and enlightening!

Crafty Lighting Ideas by Bldg & Decor SA

Post by Building & Decor SA. Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out. What better way to repurpose all of these glass bulbs than to create a work of art with it?

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Interior Design Mag’s August 8 post: Featured Wall Covering


Post by Interior Design Magazine.

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Shiloh invites you to the Art Party for Hope

FrameWorx is having an “Art Party for Hope” to benefit Hope for Life Rescue in Virginia Beach. The event is Saturday, March 16, in the beautiful home of Dr. Ray and Debbie Payne (animal lovers and HFLR adoptive parents).

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“Art Party for Hope” Pet art is a great gift!

FrameWorx is having an “Art Party for Hope” to benefit Hope for Life Rescue in Virginia Beach. The event is Saturday, March 16, in the beautiful home of Dr. Ray and Debbie Payne (animal lovers and HFLR adoptive parents). Hope For Life Rescue, Inc.

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Custom Picture Framing: The Best Way to Show Your Love of Art

Show your love for art by framing it. Framed artwork allows you to showcase and preserve it for years to come. Custom picture framing is the best way to go: Nothing beats the look, protection, and personal touch of having your beloved art framed by a professional custom picture framer.

Every piece of art, as well as treasured photos and memorabilia, deserves to have a unique, well-designed frame with high quality materials, craftsmanship and appropriate techniques. This can only be performed by an experienced picture framing expert.

Why go through the trouble of hiring a professional picture framer when you can buy a photo frame or ready-made frame from a craft or department store?  Professional custom picture framing services don't just produce any frame; they create a design based on your individual taste. This means that you are able to enjoy a personalized picture frame package that can't be found or assembled in big box stores. You get to choose the materials and colors as well as the layout of the frame. You can rely on your framer's design and framing experience in helping guide your selections to come up with a satisfying result you can enjoy for years.

Framing is an extension of your art -and your taste. Picture framing, along with the use of acid-free conservation materials, will preserve your picture and ensure that it stays in good condition over an extended period. In addition to protecting your picture collection, custom picture frames also enrich the appearance of your artwork.

Frames are vital when it comes to creating a first impression. You might have fantastic art but if it's in a frame that doesn't suit the art style or clashes with your decor it can end up spoiling the whole effect. Custom picture frames come in many different materials and styles. A professional framer with experience can guide you to the end product that will make all the difference.

Unless a frame shop has been recommended or advertised, you may search the internet for a respected gallery or professional framing business. Use caution when doing this, especially if the item you'd like to frame is of any value to you.

Tips to consider before you hire a custom picture framing service in Virginia Beach - or anywhere:
1.  Your Style.  Do you prefer traditional, modern or eclectic décor? Are you drawn to ornate or simple designs? Which colors are your favorite? Artwork can be properly framed in such a variety of ways. By thinking about YOUR personal preferences, you won't be overwhelmed with today's unlimited framing options.

2. Glazing.  Works on paper need protection from damaging UV light and its environment. If your framing application requires glazing, consider the glass quality and the types of glass available to protect your art and enhance your design. Conservation glass or acrylic glazing is highly recommended.

3. Matting.  Did you know that matboard borders came about to prevent framed treasures from touching the glass? A mat provides the necessary space between the art paper surface and glazing to protect art on paper and photos. Now mats are used for decorative purposes as well. There are many types of matboard for all different applications. Matting can also be used to enhance the colors in the artwork that you want to emphasize, or give your art image a bit of visual "breathing room" when a frame alone would look too small or "closed in".

4. Mounting board.  If your art requires mounting, It's recommended that you use a mount board that is protective, or at least neutral to your art. Some mounting boards can actively harm your pictures with acid and out-gassing.

5. Budget.  It would be wise to disclose your intended budget limits before starting to choose a design because that can rule out choices which could extend beyond what you're willing to spend. This allows your frame designer to present framing options which protect your artwork, fit your budget and make it look fabulous! {Ok, maybe your idea of "fabulous" is too pricey for the moment. A professional, skilled framer will offer options that protect and make your artwork shine.}

5 Star picture framing Virginia Beach  In addition to the finest custom picture framing services you'll find, FrameWorx offers a wide variety of fine art selections which feature original artwork by up-and-coming to renown artists from around the world.

Contact us 757-647-6060 for a personal consultation.

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